High-performance ePower for your bicycle

It has been our aim to make eBikes easier to obtain, easier to use. This is why we have designed a motor for all types of bicycle. So we have revolutionized the idea of riding an electric bicycle by using motor components independent of bicycle type.


with all types of bicycles*and gear-changes.
*with standard BSA bottom bracket


Natural pedalling motion
No pedal resistance when motor switched off or battery empty.


Quality „Made in Germany“
Perfect workmanship of high-quality materials.


and maintenance-free system.


Long range:
eDrive300 up to 105 km
eDrive500 up to 160 km

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Assembly with Pendix

With Pendix, everything is now different. In fact, everything is easier. Up to now, it has never been possible to convert a bicycle into an eBike so quickly, due to our new motor incorporation method.

And — thanks to the elegant design of the motor — your bicycle retains its individual style.

Find and read more in our Youtube Channel or in Facebook.

There is a Pendix motor for everyone

City, trekking or mountain bike – the Pendix motor can be fitted to almost every bicycle frame and type. It takes almost no time to convert your bicycle into a high-powered eBike.


The Pendix motor is something different

With our Pendix motor, we wanted to produce something completely impossible at first sight: an eBike which doesn’t look like an eBike and doesn’t even feel like one. An eBike with the most natural pedaling sensation in the world. In fact, a bike that is not really a bike – but one that naturally has all the advantages of an eBike.


Full power ahead

You’ll find it out quickly: a Pendix motor is a completely new experience. You will want to use it as much as possible when riding your bike. This is why it has a robust, long-life battery. And charging is easy. Simply plug it into the charging unit and you will quickly be able to ride on.


In our system, a single color is worth a dozen words. You will know the capacity of your battery at a glance.


Three-in-one selection

As we wanted to make the Pendix motor easy to adjust with a simple turn of the hand, we have designed a unique and intuitive setting system. At the upper end of the cylindrical battery we have installed an elegant rotating selector. With it, you can navigate in one of the three modes or settings: Eco (economy), Smart (energy-saving) or Sport (high power). The following shows how far you can ride in each setting.

1 kilometer = 0.62 miles
10 kilometers = 6.2 miles
1 mile = 1.60 kilometers
10 miles = 16 kilometers


In the Eco mode, you feel as if you were riding a bicycle without a motor. It supports your pedaling only to a minimal extent. A new and pleasant riding sensation is the result.

Long range, a natural cycling feeling, your own physical effort becomes noticable after a long ride.

Examples for use:
Long, flat stretches, extensive tours, physical training for non-professionals.

Support level: 75 %


We have called this mode „Smart“ not without reason. This is the best mode to be in for normal cycling activities. The noticable support and acceleration is like having a good wind behind you.

Riding at moderate speed through flat country, medium range, normal to slight physical effort.

Examples for use:
Cycling in town, slight gradients, mostly untreated or non-solid ground (no pavement, asphalt or concrete).

Support level: 150 %


The Sport mode lends you wings. Here you really put your foot down. With the motor in this mode, we guarantee you reach your journey’s end in time – whatever your ambitions may be.

High power, low physical effort.

Examples for use
Hills, mountains, steep gradients, loose or irregular surface, moderate to high wind against you.

Support level: 200 %

Technical data eDrive300 / eDrive500


Drive system brushless bottom bracket motor
Performance 250 W nominal*
Speed (max) 25 km/h** = 15½ mph
Motor settings 3 modes
Torque (max) 50 Nm


Type lithium ion accumulator (removable)
Capacity 300 Wh / 500 Wh
Voltage 48 V
Charging time 3 hrs*** / 3 hrs 20 min****
Range (max) 105 km***** = 65.2 miles / 160 km***** = 99.4 miles


Wheel diameters all sizes supported
Frame sizes all frames with commercially available construction measurements and bottom brackets using BSA 68 or 73 standard threads


Additional weight 6.5 kg = 14,33 lbs / 6.9 kg = 15,21 lbs
Dimensions battery (accumulator type): 80 x 276 mm (diameter x height) = 3.14 x 10.86 inches / 80 x 342 mm (d x h) = 3.14 x 13.46 inches
Dimensions motor: 292 x 206 x 50 mm (width x height x depth) = 11.49 x 8.11 x 1.96 inches

A drive which changes your whole life

The Pendix drive is more than only an ebike drive. It is a drive for your whole life. Order the Pendix drive now and let it install by a retailer next to you.


1.490,00 €

CHF 1′ 590

(without installation)

(Further information to the scope of delivery you find here.)

NEW: eDrive500

For all who want more

65 % higher capacity, 55 km additional range, 100 % more flexibility. If you also want more the new retrofit drive eDrive500 is your perfect companion. A true power package also for longer distances.

1.690,00 €

CHF 1′ 790

(without installation)

(Further information to the scope of delivery you find here.)

Our flex packages

eDrive Flex600

Battery: ePower300 + ePower300


1.740,00 €

CHF 2′ 020

Set-discount 349 € / CHF 299
(without installation)

eDrive Flex800

Battery: ePower300 + ePower500


1.890,00 €

CHF 2′ 190

Set-discount 299 € / CHF 299
(without installation)

eDrive Flex1000

Battery: ePower500 + ePower500


1.990,00 €

CHF 2′ 350

Set-discount 399 € / CHF 299
(without installation)


You need help?
We’d like to give you advice by telephone.
Here you can contact our support (team).

Pendix Support


Of course you can inform us
by using the contact form.
We are looking forward to your message.

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    (*) very roughly: 20 kilometers = 12 miles | 50 kilometers = 30 miles | 100 kilometers =  60 miles 
    150 kilometers = 90 miles | 300 kilometers = 190 miles | 600 kilometers = 375 miles | 800 kilometers = 500 miles

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    Pendix France
    OLYMPIQUE Cycles
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    E-Mail: halvard@sykkelsentralen.no
    Web: www.norge.pendix.com

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    Your motor for your customer

    Our service makes it easier for you to start up

    A Pendix motor is a completely new experience. This is also reflected in our service: we make it easy for you to decide for a Pendix motor. Our service hotline works 5 days a week. We change your battery or your motor within 48 hours.


    Welcome to Pendix Support

    If the motor or the battery has to be exchanged, you will receive a replacement within two working days. Afterwards your customer can pick up the replacement at your store.




    With every Pendix motor, your customer will receive a 2 year’s guarantee. This guarantee will not cover personal negligence (and uninsured situations) such as damage from allowing to fall or wetting/immersion.

    When working with suppliers


    We want our end-of-the-line customers to enjoy their time with Pendix as much as possible. In cases of technical breakdown, therefore, our aim is to keep exchange/repair times as short as possible thanks to our philosophy of instant spare part availability.

    Communication medium


    In our Instructions for Use, you will find a repair guideline making it possible for your customer to eliminate minor errors by himself/herself.

    Pendix Support


    You can contact our service specialist either by telephone or by Email. Send your request for support by Email or call our support service under: + 49 375 270 667 17 or service@pendix.de

    Speak with Pendix

    For questions before or after a purchase.


    +49 375 270 667 10


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